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The very nature of grief work is difficult, and the thought of exploring your painful feelings may be uncomfortable. The journey through grief or supporting a loved one through illness may evoke difficult and painful feelings. A support network like family, friends, neighbours, or members of your church, or others in your community is essential during your grieving process; but even so this might not be enough.

If you are in the process of mourning the death or illness of a loved one, or friend, we at Balanced Life Therapy in Barrie would like to support you through this difficult time. Your need for support will increase over time, although the type of support you will need is likely to change. Grief counselling supports you in the days and weeks following the death or illness of your loved one.

You should not have to educate people about your pain and the practical emotional difficulties you might be facing. Being honest about your feelings may sometimes make you feel like you are critizing others or being ungrateful, but you are not; it is just a description of the way you feel. Grief counselling gives you a safe environment to explore these feelings.

Some people feel they should not need help, and others may feel too proud to ask for grief counselling. Under any circumstances, after a few days the initial flurry and show of support usually dissipates, and life returns to normal for the ones who were supporting you. They may not realize that life has not returned to normal for you, or that you still need help and support. Or they may know you need help but not know what kind of support to provide or how to give it.

Your needs are not so simple that you have only one type of want or that you need to share only one part of your life. Sharing fully means being able to express and communicate all your needs, not just some of them. Share fully means being able to open up about feelings, thoughts, needs, decisions, and memories. Through grief counselling, accordingly, and increasingly over time, you will learn what support you need, how to get it, and who to get it from. Balanced Life Therapy would like to invite you to let us be a guide through this difficult time.

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