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Psychotherapy consists of a series of techniques for treating many different types of emotional and some psychiatric disorders. Psychotherapists help the individual to understand their physiology and what makes them feel positive or anxious. When we can identify our feelings and the way we think, we become better at coping with difficult situations. Balanced Life Therapy offers you the opportunity to work with psychotherapists within our practice and our community.

What is psychotherapy? It is treatment of behavioural, emotional, and personality disorders based on verbal or nonverbal communication and interventions with the individual. A Psychotherapists aim is to alleviate psychological distress through talking, rather than drugs. It only works if a trusting relationship can be built up between the client and the counsellor. Working with a psychotherapist may be practiced on a one-to-one basis, or in pairs, and even in groups.

Benefits of Psychotherapy

Working with a psychotherapist offers many benefits that are usually helpful to someone who really does understand you. This type of support may give the client a fresh perspective on a difficult problem and direct the client towards a solution. The benefits of psychotherapy include, understanding yourself and your personal goals and values better, learning skills for improving relationships, and finding a solution to the problems or concerns that caused certain barriers prior to receiving support from the Psychotherapist. Through this type of support we are able to change the way we think. For an example, if a person has depression it may be the result of having the wrong thoughts and/or beliefs. They may also relate negative events to themselves without any evidence. If these false beliefs are altered, then the client's core beliefs can change and their emotional state may change for the better. Words and statements work both ways, to build or destroy. It is the way they are used that determines whether they are going to bring good or harmful results. People often repeat negative statements in their minds, without even being aware of what they are doing. Do you keep thinking and telling yourself that you cannot do something, or that you are going to fail? Your subconscious mind accepts as true what you keep saying, and eventually attracts positive/negative events and situations into your life.

Assistance received from a psychotherapist can support you in gaining skills to have a more positive thought process and self worth when dealing with life's issues. Would you not prefer a positive outlook when having to cope with trials, and accomplish your dreams and goals? Psychotherapy helps you to focus your mind, transform your habits, behaviour, mental attitude, and reactions, and even reshape your external life.

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