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We all want to feel loved
and understood.

Relationship counselling helps us learn the skills required to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Meeting a mate and falling in love with them gives us a sense of communion and the gift of seeing ourselves through another's eyes. We feel desired, appreciated and complete.

Once courtship is over and we have committed ourselves to one another, it can be surprising—even frightening—when conflict arises. This is natural. It is unrealistic to believe another person (with their own life experiences and personal history) will relate and react to life's events in the same way as ourselves. It is by successfully navigating through this difficult phase in our relationship and remaining connected with one another that we are able to heal the emotional scars. This healing process can take place through relationship counselling.

We all have particular talents—and challenges.

It is by meeting the challenges we face, through couple and marriage counselling, that we are able to grow and mature while strengthening our relationship. Hopefully we had role models who were able to demonstrate this process for us, but sometimes we did not.

The good news is that we can develop the skills we lack.

If you are currently struggling in your relationship, or have had difficulty finding the love you yearn for, know that it is possible to have peace, joy and contentment in your life. At Balanced Life Therapy in Barrie, we can help, and look forward to assisting you.

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