Group Therapy

Working with other people who are committed to growth allows us to connect in a way that encourages healthy interpersonal relationships.

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Group therapy can also teach us how to seek out supportive friends and enlarge our support community. When group members commit to respecting group confidentiality it creates an inner circle of safety for the participants.

Human beings are social creatures and feeling comfortable with others is a hallmark of healthy self-esteem. A safe and secure group environment fosters the development of interpersonal skills and serves as a model for the larger world around us.

This sacred space acts as a container for emotions that may seem too overwhelming for a participant to deal with independently. With the support of the group, a member can consider complex issues and gain a wider perspective as other members validate the work being done by sharing similar experiences. As the group supports each other we build trust and learn to respect the need for confidentiality.

The skills of containing strong emotion and understanding confusing problems were first taught to us by our primary caregiver who soothed our cries and comforted us when we were frightened. If we grew up in a situation that was chaotic we may not have had the chance to sit quietly with another as we worked our way through challenging emotions. Conversely our early years may have been spent in a very rigid setting where emotions were avoided or contained and never expressed. We may not have learned skills to separate complex issues into smaller more manageable challenges.

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Group therapy is a place that group members are highly encouraged and provides each person with an opportunity to try out new ways of behaving; it also provides members with an opportunity for learning more about the way they interact with others. It is a safe environment in which members work to establish a level of trust that allows them to talk personally and honestly.

Group members make a commitment to the group and are instructed that the content of the group sessions are confidential. It is not appropriate for group members to disclose events of the group to an outside person.

Summary of Advantages of Group Therapy:

  • Group therapy usually costs much less.
  • Meeting other people with problems can give a wider perspective of your own problems.
  • Listening to other people helps you understand that you can view and handle problems in more than one way.
  • Other people can give encouragement and emotional support; a general feeling for the human condition: "We are all in the same boat."
  • Group therapy is of special value in treating problems involving communication with other people, such as social phobia (shyness).

Our Clinicians provide a safe and confidential environment for individuals to discuss their problems and emotional concerns in a group setting.  Group members gain insight into their own thoughts and behavior and offer suggestions and support other members.  People who have a difficult time with interpersonal relationships can benefit from the social interactions that are a basic part of the group counseling experience.  Please call the office directly at 705.345.6522 to inquire about our Groups.

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