Benefits of Virtual Therapy


In addition to in-person sessions, Balanced Life Therapy offers virtual sessions for all of our clients. One of the main benefits of virtual therapy is the convenience of it, no matter what the circumstances are. As many of us Canadians can relate to, we are facing quite busy times trying to balance all areas of our life. That being said, virtual therapy sessions allow us to save ourselves the travel time and make it possible to connect with therapists on lunch/school breaks, when out of town, during times of bad weather, or even for those who simply prefer to stay at home. 


Besides virtual therapy providing more flexibility to one’s schedule, a second benefit is that it allows greater accessibility to those who are in need of mental health support. Whether someone lives in a remote area, has transportation issues or struggles to get out of the home due to mental/physical health issues, virtual therapy allows the safety and comfort of a therapy session right to your home. If you are interested in booking a virtual session at Balanced Life Therapy, please email/call for more information or book online.


These days technology has become an integral component of our everyday life, and that is now beginning to include mental health support. More and more people are finding themselves using online platforms to help connect them to mental health professionals for many reasons, one of which includes privacy. For those who are newer in their healing journey, have high anxiety and/or find themselves feeling quite vulnerable with the therapeutic process, virtual therapy can assist in allowing a person to partake in it – while still being in the safety and comfort of their home. Our virtual sessions at Balanced Life Therapy are via a secure platform, and our therapists are trained in guiding clients through the therapeutic journey with ease and compassion. 


Despite virtual sessions being convenient, accessible and providing certain clients with more perceived comfort, a final benefit of virtual therapy is the consistency that it can provide. For those who have ever dealt with bouts of anxiety, depression, burnout or even just bad mental health days, I’m sure many of you can relate to the fact that there are some days where you do not feel like getting out of bed or making appointments. With our mental health, the smallest task can sometimes feel like the weight of the world, and so in-person sessions can sometimes be avoided or missed as a result. Virtual therapy provides those struggling with their mental health some consistency in their life, and as the session comes to you– it can also provide a more constant treatment plan, resulting in greater effectiveness and potentially greater progress. If you are looking to set up a virtual appointment with one of our lovely clinicians at Balanced Life Therapy, please call/email or book online.

Serena M.

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