Worthy, Women’s self-Esteem Group

Although some individuals may be hesitant to engage in Group Therapy, it has been proven to be quite effective, and can provide certain benefits that Individual Therapy cannot.

Introducing WORTHY

WORTHY is an ongoing support group designed specifically for women who are struggling with negative self-talk, self-doubt, and self-criticism. Within a group framework, members can expect a safe and nurturing space where members can share their experiences and emotions with others who empathize with their struggles. Through mutual encouragement, feedback, and support, participants can develop tools to improve their self-esteem and break free from negative thinking patterns. We want to encourage members to explore their personal power and show up for themselves authentically.

Group activities may include a variety of self-esteem building exercises such as group discussions, sharing personal stories, journaling, creation of goals, and affirmations. Additionally, outside speakers or experts may be welcomed to provide additional support and guidance. Participation in a women’s self-esteem group can be a powerful took for personal growth, as if offers a supportive community of women with shared experiences. As group members embark on their journey of self love and self compassion, we hope members gain confidence to overcome barriers that have once held them back.

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Hosted by: Cindy McAfee, R.S.S.W. & Serena Manoochehri MACP, R.P (CRPO)

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Additional Support, Socialization & Sense of Community

You are able to receive support from more than one individual, with people who can relate to you. This can be beneficial for individuals who do not have much support in their lives, struggle with feeling understood, or those who would like additional therapeutic resources. Social support has additionally been found to facilitate the treatment of mental health concerns, and can provide individuals with an added sense of normalcy in their mental health journey.

Increased Learning Opportunities

By hearing other’s approaches and experiences, you can gain new skills and bounce ideas back and forth. Many Group Therapy programs tend to focus on psycho-education of mental health, skills and resources as well.

Added Motivation & Compassion

Your group can help encourage the therapeutic work you do and help brainstorm/give insight when obstacles arise. Group Therapy can also add a sense of accountability for those struggling with motivation, and can help provide self-compassion when there are setbacks.

Cost Effective & Consistent

For those struggling with the costs of Individual Therapy, Group Therapy is often provided at a more cost-effective rate. Group Therapy also tends to be program based, therefore providing regularly scheduled sessions.

Helps Those Struggling With Emotions

It can be quite beneficial for those who have a hard time expressing or processing their emotions, therefore finding Individual Therapy to be too intimidating. Group Therapy can be a great way to ease people in as they are able to see how others process and express emotions, and some may find less pressure in Group Programs to speak up or share extensively.